444 online course

444 online

Are you ready to step out of the physical and emotional clutter that surrounds you and

live in a home that brings you joy?

let’s see, are you:

Waking up tired and escaping into your phone before you say “Hello” to anyone?
Seeing “stuff” everywhere when you look around your home and hide it in a spare room when friends visit?
Trying to keep a tidy home, but it feels like your kids destroy it after 5 minutes?
Struggling to wash, dry and put the clothes away
Never finding time to exercise, catch up with friends or have “Me time”?⠀
Trying to budget so you have enough money to pay the bills and still save for a holiday?
Wanting to go on an actual date with your partner rather than the current “ships passing in the night” connection you currently have?
Juggling all the work/life “balls” in the air but feel like you can’t keep doing it forever? Something has to give, right?

did you say YES to even ONE of these questions?

then my group online declutter course 444 is for you!

What is the course about? 

My course is called 444 as a play on my habit of getting up at 4.44am most mornings. When I shared my 4.44am wake up routine, someone also mentioned that in angel numbers 444 means “you have nothing to fear in regards to life, work and divine purpose” and I loved the sentiment behind that.  

I want my 444 course to set a solid and strong foundation for your life and give you stability for when life throws you curve balls. I’ve come up with a six week online course that will take you through 4 spaces, 4 systems and 4 self care strategies. Over six weeks we will dive into 12 areas of your home and life.  

You will get a behind the scenes look at: 

  • 4 spaces in our home and how you can implement changes in your own spaces
  • 4 systems that keep our home and life simplified that you can easily apply in your own home
  • 4 self care strategies I use that you can adapt and implement to build a life you enjoy. 

Don’t stress! I don’t recommend getting up at 4.44am, it’s not for everyone. In fact, the whole idea of the course is that you hear different strategies that have worked for me and others then you “Stop, Focus and Notice” what will work for you and your family.

Get into the habit of asking yourself

“Does this support the life I’m trying to create?”


Course overview


Currently closed but add your name to the waitlist to be notified as soon as it opens again

Course duration

6 weeks

Course price

To be advised 

Designed for

Women who want the tools to simplify their homes and lives


From your home via Zoom video calls and in our private Facebook group

What’s included

12 areas of home and life including 4 spaces, 4 systems and 4 self care modules

Each week you will receive

A live Zoom video call with me including a live question and answer session
Recording of the video call to view at your leisure
A recording of a 1:1 coaching call with one of the lucky first five course members where we talk in detail about one of their spaces
Downloadable worksheets to support you in implementing the learnings from the modules
Access to our interactive private Facebook group where you can ask me additional questions and share progress in between live Zoom calls
Interactive accountability challenges in the private Facebook group to keep you on track
The opportunity to ask me questions throughout the course in the private Facebook group

I know these are challenging times & if you can’t commit to the full course cost you can join us for two weeks of the course for only $119

(see below for more details)

what’s involved in the course?

Over six weeks we will dive into 12 areas of your home & life.


Week 1

Self Care 1 – Understanding your why and embedding the Stop, Focus, Notice strategy

Self Care 2 – Mapping out your week


Week 2

System 1 – Setting yourself and your week up for success

Space 1 – Wardrobe/Clothes – Maximising your outfit selections by minimising your clothes


Week 3

Space 2 – Kitchen – Let’s declutter the kitchen to cook with ease

System 2 – Reducing your food budget and meal planning


Week 4

Self Care 3 – Me time – Building time into your week for the things that light you up

Self Care 4 – Family Care – Building family fun time into your week (includes family meetings, making time for 1:1 time with partners and kids and our no TV Monday-Friday process)


Week 5

System 3 – Making decluttering a habit and cleaning routines

Space 3 – Office space and reducing the paper clutter around your home and digital clutter in your phone and computer


Week 6

Space 4 – Playroom/Toy room – Strategies for decluttering toys across the home

System 4 – Storage solutions – hints and tips for how to manage your linen cupboard, school bags, junk drawers and more!

Let’s work together over the next six weeks to shape achievable, long term changes in your home and life.

I will be your accountability buddy, cheerleader, guide & coach.

You will make the changes, but I will be by your side to keep the momentum rolling.


kind words

“Bridget’s friendly & supportive guidance has been invaluable in helping me set timeframes & structures to get the tasks done. It was great to have her available via WhatsApp messenger between sessions for quick support & guidance”.

“Bridget’s passion for coaching & helping others declutter their life shines through. You will be amazed at what you can achieve when you free yourself of all the chitter-chatter clutter”.

“I walked through my house & it’s the first time I have felt a sense of calm. Thank you Bridget”

“Bridget had many great space saving ideas & despite having a small kitchen, I now actually have storage & bench space”!

sign up bonuses

For the lucky first five: 

If you are one of the first five people to join the course, you will have the option to have a 1:1 coaching call with me. We will talk through the challenges you are having in one of your spaces. I will offer suggestions for how you could adjust things to make the room function and feel better. The audio recording of these calls will then be made available to the group to learn from as well (You are welcome to not have your name identified in the call to stay anonymous).


For everyone:

As soon as you join us 444, you will receive the following via email so you can get started straight away: 

  • Wheel of Home and Life template

  • Stop, Focus, Notice template

  • Time Budget template

These tools will be explained in more detail during the first week’s live call, but while the motivation from signing up is running hot, you can get started before our official start date.


frequently asked questions

Who is running the course?

That would be me, Bridget. Why learn from me? Well, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to read my journey here. I was the woman that answered yes to the questions I listed above. I was a sleep deprived mum, a perfectionist – paralysed by the tasks that look too big to complete “so why bother starting them?” I burnt the candle at both ends trying to be the best mother and career woman I could be but I was floundering at both.  

That was almost six years ago and I can honestly say doing the things I will explain in the 12 modules has made me a more fulfilled and happier person. When I started making the consistent and small steps to put myself first, other areas of my life became simpler, I became calmer and our family life became oh so much better!

$269 seems a lot to find in these challenging times. Will this course save me money in the long run?

YES! I expect that the tools, tips and mindset shifts I share during this course will SAVE you, or MAKE you more than $270.

Yes it will require work, but I will be right by your side cheering you on. I will be offering ways to spend less money on things in your home and as you declutter things, you may have the opportunity to sell your unwanted goods.

I’d love to keep a tally and see how much money as a group we can save! Are you up for the challenge?  

I just want the spaces & systems modules, not the self care. Is that possible?

Unfortunately not. 444 will show you how to look at your spaces and systems differently but a key component is the four modules on self care.

When I filled up my “self care” cup, I had more energy and motivation to be a calmer and more loving mother, wife, employee and friend. This is why the four self care modules are key components of the course and why we start with the first two in week one.

I bet many of you will sign up thinking you just want the space and systems knowledge, but I can guarantee embedding the self care strategies into your weekly routine is what will make the biggest impact to your life.

I don’t use Facebook, can I still benefit from your online course?

Yes. The main element of the course is through live (and recorded) Zoom calls where I will talk through each of the 12 modules. I will share the links to the sessions, recordings and worksheets via email.

While you can do the course without Facebook, I HIGHLY recommend joining the private group as this will be the way to ask me additional questions (outside of the live Q&A sessions) throughout the course.

I will be encouraging everyone (if they are comfortable) to share pictures of their spaces so I can offer suggestions of how to make the space feel cosy and functional. I’ll be encouraging everyone to learn from everyone else too.

I can’t afford the whole course right now, but I want to get started.

If you can’t afford the whole course right now, you can can join us for a two week block for $119.

At the checkout you can choose to join use for weeks 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 or 5 & 6. Email me if you would like me to explain this option further.

You will receive the same resources and access to the live Zoom calls as everyone else. Unfortunately you won’t get access to the private Facebook group which provides additional opportunities to ask me questions, share your progress and take part in the weekly accountability challenges.

Am I worth it?

YES, you are worth it! I know it can seem hard to invest in yourself when there are so many other things pulling on your budget, but you came to this page for a reason. You WANT to make a change and you want support to get there.

The hardest step is to say “I’m worth it”. Are you worth $7 a day? That’s what it works out to for this six week course.

let’s make this year your year to be simply free

If you have any questions, PLEASE send me an email at hello@besimplyfree.com.au.

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