My ‘Make in Advance” ice cream Christmas pudding

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I am NOT a cook! I’m all for simple cooking! One of the ways I try and make Christmas simple is to prepare what I can in advance. I love Cold Rock Icecream so I make my own Christmas version as our Christmas pudding. You can make this a week in advance and store it in the freezer.

You can use any lollies you like and it’s a “bit of this, a bit of that” recipe so don’t get too concerned with quantities. This cake served 12 people.

Icecream Christmas Pudding 


2L vanilla ice cream (I suggest buying a 4L tub and seeing how much ice cream you want to add)
180g M & Ms (we didn’t quite use the whole bag)
3 Cherry Ripes
190g Raspberry lollies
200g dried cranberries
300g traditional dried fruit pudding
2 x 220g containers of ice magic


  1. Choose the size bowl you want to freeze your ice cream cake in. I used a 2.5L Tupperware bowl with a lid.
  2. Choose a bigger bowl to be a mixing bowl. I used a 3.5L Tupperware bowl.
  3. Add M & Ms into the mixing bowl.
  4. Cut the Cherry Ripes into roughly 1/2cm squares, cut the lolly raspberries in quarters and add to mixing bowl.
  5. Roughly cut dried cranberries into smaller pieces (approx in 1/3rds) and add to mixing bowl.
  6. Break fruit pudding into pieces with your fingers and add to the mixing bowl.
  7. Scoop ice cream into a mixing bowl and mix with other ingredients. Keep adding ice cream until you have the desired mix.
  8. Transfer into a smaller bowl and freeze.
  9. When ready to serve, run outside of the bowl under hot water to loosen ice cream. Drizzle top with ice magic.
  10. Serve with extra ice magic and enjoy!


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