Declutter Coach – A Personal Trainer for your organising muscle

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What Does a Declutter Coach Do?

When I say I’m a Declutter Coach or Professional Organiser people generally ask “What do you do? Are you a cleaner?” 

No I’m not a cleaner. I am a trained specialist who helps women create order and space in their lives and homes. 

A good analogy is hiring a Declutter Coach is like hiring a exercise Personal Trainer.

We both:

  • Help you set and clarify your goals 
  • Provide focused 1:1 support 
  • Provide accountability and encourage self discipline 
  • Teach you the strategies for ongoing success

Personal Trainer

Just like an exercise Personal Trainer, a Declutter Coach can work with you with different levels of involvement.

A Personal Trainer can:

  • work with you over a three month period (or longer) and map out a fitness plan for you to follow with regular check ins
  • Work with you 1:1 when you need an intense training session
  • Teach you in a group fitness class
  • Give you online hints and tips and you can craft your own fitness plan of attack


Declutter Coach

A Declutter Coach works in the same way. This is how I can work with clients wanting different levels of support. 


1:1 Declutter Coaching Support Over Three Months 

Over three months, we set inspiring goals in relation to your home and life, along with fortnightly actions. Each fortnight we then meet to discuss how you are going, and set new actions. In-between sessions I connect with clients over WhatsApp to answer questions and provide accountability. These sessions are held over Zoom so I can work with anyone across the World. Visit here to learn more.  


1:1 In-person Block Session In Your Home 

During a four hour block, we set a plan of attack for decluttering and organising one space in your home. Then in the remaining time, we work side by side to start the decluttering process. Depending on the space, we may have it decluttered and organised in four hours, or you may have some actions to work on once I leave. Email me if you are interested in a session in your home. 


Group Online Declutter Course 

My online group decluttering course, Four Forty Four (444) starts on Tuesday 1st September. 444 is designed to equip you with decluttering and organising strategies you can use in your own home.

In 444, you will get a behind the scenes look at:

  • 4 spaces in our home and how you can implement changes in your own spaces
  • 4 systems that keep our home and life simplified that you can easily apply in your own home
  • 4 self care strategies I use that you can adapt and implement to build a life you enjoy.

Over six weeks you will have me as your accountability buddy, cheerleader, guide and coach to answer your decluttering questions in our private Facebook group. You will make the changes, but I will be by your side to keep the momentum rolling. Sign up now here. 


Learn from Articles & Social Media Posts 

If you would like to craft your own decluttering journey feel free to read my free blogs on this website and follow my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages for regularly tips and tricks.  


My PT Kara

So, all this talk about Personal Trainers have got me thinking I should log off of the computer and do one of my PT Kara Rendell’s Kara Online workouts to get my blood pumping. 😉

I always love hearing how I’ve helped people declutter their homes. Please comment below if you have used one of the strategies I have shared or send me an email. I really appreciate hearing from you!



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