How I built the career of my dreams by decluttering my life

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I support women to declutter their homes, phones, calendars and mind so they can be simply free because I know, first hand, how life changing it is to make changes so you can live a life you love.

Here is a link to hear how I left my project management career of 16 years and SLOWLY built the business that is now Be Simply Free. In this episode of The Lorraine Murphy Show, I share how Lorraine supported me to turn my idea into a viable business that allowed me to step out of my public service career.

Listen to our chat here.

In our chat, I share:

  • A background of my career
  • Where my side hustle was at prior to my first mentoring session with Lorraine
  • What the tipping point was to up the ante on establishing a viable side hustle
  • The key question I asked myself to unlock the motivation to make the changes
  • The first steps I took towards making those changes happen
  • The factors I took into account when reducing and restructuring my employee role
  • What my business looks like now
  • The biggest learnings I’ve had on the journey
  • The next horizon I’m working towards
  • The advice I wants to pass on to other side hustlers aiming to do what I have done
  • My biggest declutter tip

If you’d like my support to help you reduce the mental load you are holding and to declutter your home, phone, calendar and mind so you have more space in your home and time in your calendar to collect moments, not things, let’s chat about the ways we can work together. Send me an email at Learn more by visiting my 1:1 coaching page, my online course Clear Clutter Find Time page and my current workshops page. I’d love to hear from you.

Bridget xx




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