1:1 coaching

Are you ready to step out of the physical and emotional clutter
that surrounds you and craft a home and life that brings you joy?

Let’s see, are you:


Waking up tired and escaping into your phone before you say hello to anyone?


Seeing “stuff” everywhere when you look around your home and do you hide it in a spare room when friends visit?


Trying to keep a tidy home but it feels like your kids destroy it after 5 minutes?


Struggling to wash, dry and put clothes away so washing baskets don’t become wardrobes?


Never finding time to exercise, catch up with friends or have “me time”?⠀


Trying to budget so you have enough money to pay the bills and still save for, plan and actually leave your home for more than a 24 hour holiday?


Juggling all the work/life balls in the air but feel like you can’t keep doing it forever?


Wanting to go on an actual date with your partner rather than the current “ships passing in the night” connection you currently have?

You’ve come to the right place!

My “Let’s declutter your life” 3 month declutter coaching series includes:


A “Where You Are & What You Want” questionnaire – This meaty questionnaire is for you to share what is really happening in your life right now. Let’s be real. No sugar coating. Tell me how you really feel when you walk into your home and what you WANT to feel living your decluttered life. The more honest you are, the deeper our journey together will be.


“Let’s Chat” complimentary call – We will have 30 minutes to talk through your questionnaire and chat about what our coaching series could look like. This is a no obligation chat. I want to make sure I only work with people I can truly support and making sure we are a good coach/client match is very important to me. If you’re not feeling it, all good. If we are a match, let’s get decluttering!


1 x 90 minute “Where Do You Want To Be” goal setting session – In this first coaching call, we have up to an hour and a half to use your questionnaire and what we discussed in your complimentary call to craft bespoke heartfelt goals that will help you move from stress, to less and living a life of more over the next three months! There may be particular elements of your home you want to work on, family rituals and routines you want to develop and I find many clients have a goal focused on self care. Remember, by “filling up your self care cup” first, you will have more energy and motivation to be a calmer, happier and more loving mother, wife, employee and friend.

5 x 60 minute “Let’s Declutter Your Life” coaching calls – Once your goals are set we will catch up every fortnight via Zoom video conference. Each week we will discuss your actions from the previous fortnight and set new challenging yet achievable actions to help you discover what you truly want and shape YOUR decluttered life!

“In Between Session Support” via email and WhatsApp messages – I particularly LOVE seeing before and after photos of your spaces and being your accountability buddy. I encourage you to send me a quick message when you have completed a task if that suits your learning style or ask me a quick question. Throughout our series together I will respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday.


“What I Need Now” tailored tools and workbooks. If your learning style suits, I will share a tailored selection of tools and worksheets to help you dive deeply into your actions.

Hi, I’m Bridget Johns, your Mental Load Coach.

My intuitive, supportive and encouraging style of coaching is for you if you’re tired and overwhelmed trying to juggle ALL the work/life/home balls in the air. I’m here to be your coach, cheerleader and accountability buddy. Together we will take a good hard look at all the balls you are juggling. We will sort through and work out what’s truly important in your life and as part of the process will we craft a decluttered and welcoming home for you. ⠀

If you have read my journey here, you would know that I was the woman answering yes to the above questions. I was a sleep deprived mum and a perfectionist – paralysed by the tasks that look too big to complete so why bother starting them? I burnt the candle at both ends trying to be the best mother and career woman I could be but I was floundering at both. ​

That was almost six years ago and I can honestly say speaking up, asking for help and accepting it has made me a better and happier person. When I started making the consistent and small steps to put myself first, other areas of my life became simpler, I became calmer and our family life became oh so much better!

By filling up my cup first, I had more energy and motivation to be a calmer and more loving mother, wife, employee and friend. With lots of study along the way, I was led to build Be Simply Free and support you! I’d love to help YOU find YOU! Are you ready to accept my support?⠀⠀

If so, let’s work together over 12 weeks to shape achievable long term changes in your home and your life. I will be your accountability buddy, cheerleader, guide and coach. You will make the changes but I will be by your side to keep the momentum rolling.

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”

– Joshua Becker

Your investment

Imagine how much you would GAIN if you decluttered your life and reduced your mental load? How much is that worth to you?

“Bridget’s friendly & supportive guidance has been invaluable in helping me set timeframes & structures to get the tasks done. It was great to have her available via WhatsApp messenger between sessions for quick support & guidance.”

“Bridget’s passion for coaching & helping others declutter their life shines through. You will be amazed at what you can achieve when you free yourself of all the chitter-chatter clutter.”

“I walked through my house & it’s the first time I have felt a sense of calm. Thank you Bridget!”

“Bridget had many great space saving ideas & despite having a small kitchen, I now actually have storage & bench space!”

Frequently asked questions

Do you only work with mums?

NO, definitely not. I’m here to support all women to declutter their home and lives. While I juggle career/mum life and have first hand experience with this, I’d also love to work with you if you don’t have children.

I thought this was about organising my home. How come your coaching is broader than that?

Did you notice how this list of life challenges includes a lot more than your physical stuff? Yes, there is a good reason for that!

While you might have stumbled across my website to help you declutter your home, the first place we will start with is decluttering your life! A beautiful byproduct of truly knowing yourself and your worth is that you will want to surround yourself with calm and decluttered spaces (home, office and car). We will create systems that suit your life. We will ease the “mental load” and reduce the physical and emotional clutter in your home, calendar and mind so you can move from stress, to less, and live a life of more! You will want to maintain that outer order to support your inner calm.

Is coaching the same as counselling?

No, coaching is not a substitute for any form of therapeutic service, such as counselling, therapy or psychological support. If you feel like you need therapeutic intervention please talk to your GP.

Coaching is part motivation, part education and part accountability. It focuses on your present and looks to the future helping you make lasting changes that improve your life.

What do you know about having a “cluttered life”? It looks like you have it all together.

Arrrr no….. I’ve lived the journey you’re about to step into and that’s why I want to help others declutter their lives. If you haven’t already, visit the about page to read my story.

Am I worth it?

In one word, YES! I know it can seem hard to invest in yourself when there are so many other things pulling on your budget but you came to this page for a reason. You WANT to make a change and you want support to get there.

The hardest step is to say “I’m worth it”. If you need time to save up, let’s organise a “Let’s Chat” complimentary call to see if we are a match. If we are, we can then put a plan into place for working together in a few months time when you have saved up. If the one off payment or three months payment plan is possible for you, let’s start working together NOW!

I’m ready, what’s the first step?

Congratulations on putting yourself first. Let’s do this! Click here to book your complimentary call. 

Let’s make this year your year to be simply free

If you have a few more questions, PLEASE send me an email at hello@besimplyfree.com.au.

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