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One of the ways I find time in my week is to have a Set Me Up Sunday routine so I thought I’d show you through my Set Me Up Sunday plan and how I’ll find extra time in my week.

Your Set Me Up Day can be any day of the week. If we are headed away for the weekend, I’ll do my Set Me Up Sunday routine on a Thursday so when we get home from a weekend away I’m still ready for the week ahead.

Have a think about which Set Me Up Day will work best for you.

My Set Me Up Sunday includes:

  • Looking at my week ahead in my Google Calendar
  • Talking to my husband about his week
  • Having a chat with my husband to decide who will be doing what bus pickups, footy/netball drop offs and any appointments we need to coordinate
  • Looking at our fridge, pantry and freezer to see what meals we can cook from the ingredients we already have
  • Meal planning around the things we are doing (e.g. quick meals on Thursday nights when Mr Farmer and both kids have sports practice)
  • Writing a shopping list of what we need to buy (I write mine in the notes section of my phone, in order of how I will find it in the supermarket – again to save time crisis crossing the supermarket or missing items)
  • Food shopping
  • Food prep
  • Checking the kids have clean uniforms to wear to school
  • Having some family time and me time (I’m binge-watching Little Fires Everywhere on Amazon Prime! Soooo good!)

These are all things you probably do throughout your week. By bundling the thinking on a Sunday, it can SAVE you time during the week. For example, you can do one food shop instead of shopping after work a few nights a week.


Delete, Delegate, Do

Another strategy that saves me time is to look through my week and decide what I can delete from my week, what I can delegate to others (e.g. family or paid help) and what I really want to do.

Here are a few examples of some things I’ve deleted, delegated and what I’m doing this week.



  • A day of work. I am taking a carer’s leave day to take my husband to Adelaide for day surgery (he’s fine)
  • Not attending a volunteer meeting. We will be in Adelaide so I can’t attend



  • My in-laws will have our kids overnight (including a school pick up and drop off) so we can be in Adelaide for the 7am check in for the surgery
  • I’ll outsource the kids’ lunches to the canteen so my in-laws don’t have to make it (and I can do it in advance on the canteen QKR ordering app)
  • Website updates for my upcoming Clear Clutter Find Time online course to my awesome website designer
  • Social media quote tile design to my virtual assistant
  • Cleaning our bathroom and mopping our floors to our cleaner



  • Prepare for Wednesday night’s “Finding Time” masterclass (Are you joining me?)
  • My daily farm walks and bare minimum She Moves workout Monday morning at 5am
  • Organise to catch up with an Adelaide friend while my husband has hand surgery (because COVID doesn’t allow me to stay in the hospital)
  • Update the “How to declutter” kitchen, share room, office and paperwork videos for my online course starting June 23rd
  • Going away on a family holiday to the Eyre Peninsula Friday afternoon until next Tuesday


There are plenty of other things I’m deleting, delegating and doing but this just gives you a taste of my thought process.


Finding Time Masterclass

If you would like more tips for finding more time in your week, click here to watch my Finding Time masterclass. I share seven tips to clear the mental clutter and find more time in your week.


Clear Clutter Find Time

My online course Clear Clutter Find Time is for women of all ages and stages of life, who want to strip back the physical and emotional ‘stuff’ in their lives and learn the tips and tools to live an intentional life where there is more space in their homes, phones, calendars and minds.

Over eight weeks we will cover:
Week 1 Setting yourself up for success
Week 2 – How to declutter
Week 3 – Decluttering the kitchen
Week 4 – Bedrooms & clothes  
Week 5 – Storage solutions
Week 6 – Gift giving & kids’ stuff
Week 7 – Office & paperwork  
Week 8 – What to do with your new found time
I’ll also be joined in the course by two interior designers for two expert masterclasses.
Moira Coffey from Roar Interior Design will help you to “Express yourself and roar” and Tonja Wright from Design to Transform will help you “Increase your productivity and wellbeing while working from your home office”.
To learn more about what’s involved in the course visit



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