Less time cleaning, more time living.

Let’s clear the clutter out of your home, calendar and mind so you can spend more time collecting moments, not things.


Are you ready to reduce your mental load and go from overwhelmed to organised? You’ve come to the right place!

Bridget Johns Coaching

Private 1:1 Coaching

Work 1:1 with Bridget from anywhere in the world to develop a personalised action plan to declutter your life and be supported to take the action.

be simply free Online courses

Online Courses

Get the benefit of pre-recorded plus live sessions to declutter your home, calendar and life over 8 weeks in a group online learning setting.

be simply free In-person & online workshops

In-person & Online Workshops

Not looking for 1:1 coaching but want a quick deep dive into a particular decluttering topic, then my workshops are just for you!

Clear Clutter Find Time Course REGISTRATIONS OPEN NOW

The Clear Clutter Find Time 8 week online course is for women of all ages and stages of life who want to strip back the physical and emotional ‘stuff’ in their lives and learn the tips and tools to live an intentional life where there is less stuff in their homes, phones, calendars and minds.

The course runs three times a year starting in January, March and September. The next course starts Monday 8th January 2024.

Last chance to join:








Welcome, I’m Bridget Johns!

Hi I’m Bridget Johns! Thank you for joining me on this journey to bring my passion for decluttering and organising to life with Be Simply Free!

Would you like to know more about me? Click through and read my journey from stress, to less and how I’m now living a life of more!

Clear Clutter Find Time Podcast

I’m excited to bring you a NEW way to start decluttering your life! The Clear Clutter Find Time podcast is a weekly podcast that you can listen to in 1% of your day (approximately 15 minute episodes). 

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Kind Words

Bridget has been such a breath of fresh air in our kitchen. We were the typical household that had simply accumulated a lot of “stuff” over the years.

Bridget was very approachable and non-judgemental which was so lovely. I didn’t even know where to start and it all seemed too overwhelming. We now have a much more functional kitchen with a lot less clutter.

She had many great space saving ideas and despite having a small kitchen I now actually have storage and bench space! I also loved her advice on making a 1% change in my life. So achievable. Thank you, Bridget, for all of the encouragement, advice and making life simpler.


Working with Bridget has been an amazing experience. She encouraged and held me accountable throughout our coaching series in turning my vision into reality.

With her constant support and positive energy, I was able to sort out my time and energy-draining clutter and become crystal clear on what direction I want to take my business and life. I still refer back to some of the conversations we’ve had. I can highly recommend working with Bridget. She is very authentic, uplifting and nudges you in the right direction when you feel stuck. Her passion for coaching and helping others in de-cluttering their life shines through. You will be amazed at what you can achieve when you free yourself of all the chitter-chatter clutter.



I contacted Bridget because I wanted help to declutter my life but didn’t know where to start! Bridget made it very easy and made me see my things as… well, just things!

Her friendly and supportive guidance through this process has been invaluable in helping me set timeframes and structures to get the tasks done as well as being available for approachable virtual help when needed.

Even when she’s not available, I can hear her encouraging voice in my head giving advice and asking the questions I need to ask myself! I’m still learning but I’m thankful that I’ll have Bridget in my corner if I ever get stuck!


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