Spacetalk Kids Watch Review: From a parent who is anti kids having phones

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In today’s digital age, I’m keen to use technology to our advantage but not allow free rein internet access to our kids aged 10 and 12. Bill Gates famously said he didn’t let his kids have their own mobile phone until they were 14 years old and we’ve told our kids they need to wait until they are at least 13.


Using the Spacetalk Kids Watch is our compromise.


I’d seen the Spacetalk Kids Watches on Instagram so we decided to give the Adventurer 2 watches a go this January while we are away for three weeks at a caravan park. There are a few different styles to choose from (link at the bottom of this blog). It’s early days but so far they are working really well for our family. We are loving giving our kids extra freedom at the caravan park to go off with friends for short periods of time without direct supervision but felt anxious not knowing where they were.


Kids’ Initial Reactions: iPhones vs. Spacetalk Watch

But let’s be real, they would have both preferred iPhones! When we gave them to the kids for Christmas, Miss 10 was excited about the idea of having her own “Smartwatch,” but Mr 12 thought it was a “Baby’s phone” and kept pushing for an iPhone or Apple Watch. Not gonna happen kiddo! It is a bit bigger than an Apple Watch which initially deterred Mr 12 (See photo comparison below).


Prioritising Safety Over Cost

While yes, it would be cheaper to give our kids hand-me-down or secondhand phones, money isn’t our primary concern. My primary concern is their safety, and I’m not ready to give them the unfiltered world of the internet and social media from a phone/smart watch just yet.

The Spacetalk Kids Watch proved to be the perfect compromise, providing a secure and controlled environment for communication without the potential pitfalls of unsupervised internet access.

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SpaceTalk Watch Key Features

Here are the watches key features:

  • Make and receive calls: Allows Miss 10 and Mr 12 to communicate with pre-approved contacts set by me.
  • SMS messaging: Enables text messaging with approved contacts.
  • GPS tracking: Real-time location monitoring for us through the app.
  • Geofencing: Set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts when the child enters or exits predefined areas.
  • SOS button: Emergency button that sends alerts to predefined contacts.
  • Contact list management: We can control and manage the list of approved contacts.
  • School Mode: Restricts certain features during school hours to minimise distractions.
  • Safe zones: Define safe areas where the child is allowed to go.
  • User-friendly interface: Simple and easy for children to navigate.
  • Durable construction: Designed to withstand the activities of active kids (It’s splash proof and Mr 12 accidentally jumped into the ocean wearing it on the first day and it still works).
  • Long-lasting battery: Ensures the watch remains functional throughout the day.
  • Mobile app: Companion app for parents to manage settings and receive alerts.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Enhances the functionality of the watch.
  • Step counter: Encourages physical activity by tracking steps.
  • Daily activity monitor: Provides insights into the child’s daily movement.
  • Kid-friendly design: Appeals to children’s preferences.
  • Colour options: Depending on the model, may come in different colours.


Pre-Approved Contacts and Communication

One of the standout features thatI love is the ability to set up a pre-approved list of contacts. This ensured that Miss 10 and Mr 12 could only communicate with the contacts we put on the watch. At the moment, we have only included us, grandparents and their friend’s parents so they are just contacting people for safety rather than messaging friends.

The GPS tracking feature of the Spacetalk Kids Watch is also super handy. The geofencing alerts were particularly useful, allowing me to receive notifications when Miss 10 or Mr 12 entered or exited predefined areas. This feature became handy as we know if they leave the caravan park, which we have agreed is a no go.

The SOS button on the Spacetalk Kids Watch is also a handy safety feature. In case of emergencies, a simple press of the button would send an alert to my phone and other predetermined contacts, providing quick access to assistance.

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Winning Over The Skeptic AKA Mr 12 😉

Mr 12, who initially only wore it under sufferance is enjoying the extra freedom he has by wearing it. One of his friends with an iPhone has already lost it, because he has put it down and forgotten to pick it up. But by having the Spacetalk watch, he doesn’t need to worry about that as it’s attached to his wrist. The only thing he needs to remember is to take it off to swim (it’s splash resistant but not encouraged to swim in).

I’m happy to report he is slowly being converted to liking it. He even said last night “Mum, the watch is not as bad as I thought it would be” which is a big win coming from a 12 year old boy. Haha!

So the Spacetalk Kids Watch has proven to be a valuable addition to our family holiday. The combination of communication features, safety functionalities, and parental controls offers a reassuring solution for the kids, Mr Farmer and I.


Learn more about the Spacetalk Kids Watch at their website here and see it in action on Instagram.


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Note: I was gifted two Spacetalk Kids Adventure 2 watches by Spacetalk to offer an honest review of them. I definitely believe they are a great intermediate option for connection before the introduction of internet and social media connected phones.



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