Clear Clutter
Find Time

Clear Clutter
Find Time

Let’s find the time to
live a life you love!

Clear Clutter Find Time is for women of all ages and stages of life, who want to strip back the physical and emotional ‘stuff’ in their lives and learn the tips and tools to live an intentional life where there is more space in their homes, phones, calendars and minds.

Why should you join?

We all have 1,440 minutes in every day, but I bet you feel like there is not enough time to do everything you need to do. 

 Some of the things on your never-ending to-do list might be:


  • Washing
  • Cleaning
  • Food shopping 
  • Cooking
  • Mopping
  • Sweeping
  • Showering
  • Exercise
  • Ironing
  • Working
  • Paying bills
  • Keeping children alive
  • School drop off/ pick up
  • Kids activities 
  • Hobbies 
  • Volunteer roles
  • Making time to see friends  
  • Couples time 
  • Holidays
  • Netflix
  • Washing
  • Cleaning
  • Food shopping 
  • Cooking
  • Mopping
  • Sweeping
  • Showering
  • Exercise
  • Ironing
  • Working
  • Paying bills
  • Keeping children alive
  • School drop off/ pick up
  • Kids activities 
  • Hobbies 
  • Volunteer roles
  • Making time to see friends  
  • Couples time 
  • Holidays
  • Netflix

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel that is life and shake things up! You don’t have to keep doing ‘all of the things’, let’s work together to work out what can stay and go!

As a woman, we can feel like we are forever juggling balls of life. I believe there are three kinds of life balls. 

Glass balls – These are things in our life that we need and want to keep juggling. If we drop them, they will break.

Rubber balls – These are things in our life that can be temporarily dropped and they will bounce. We can drop them in this moment of life and can pick them up again in a few days, weeks, or months. 

“Should” balls – These are the things we think we ‘should’ do but realistically we should just drop them and not bother to pick them up again. 

One of my favourite books is called “Drop the Ball” by Tiffany Dufu. 

She explains the Webster dictionary definition of dropping the ball is “to make a mistake especially by failing to take timely, effective, or proper action”. 

 Tiffany reshapes the narrative on dropping the ball and defines it “to release unrealistic expectations of doing it all and engage others to achieve what matters most to us, deepening our relationships and enriching our lives”. 

The Clear Clutter Find Time course is about helping you release unrealistic expectations of doing it all and work out which balls in your life are glass, which are rubber and which ones are should balls.   

How will it work?

Membership Site

As soon as we start the course, you will gain access to all the videos and workbooks on our membership site. 

For the eager beavers, you can charge through the content and start decluttering specific areas of your home, using the “how to declutter” videos and templates.

For the slow and steady participants, I will send out weekly emails with reminders to work through each week’s content. 

Each week’s content will include a selection of short videos which you can watch at your own leisure. There will also be “how-to” videos showing step by step guides and questions to ask yourself as you declutter spaces in your home.

Private Facebook Group

To keep your motivation high, we have set up a private Facebook group just for members. You can share your progress and ask any extra questions.

Two Expert Masterclasses

We are lucky to have two guest experts joining us in two live masterclass sessions to help you clear any roadblocks between you and your decluttered home!

Expert 1: Moira Coffey

Express yourself & roar!

Moira Coffey is a Bio Geologist, Business Analyst and Facilitator turned interior designer in her business Roar Interior Design. Moira helps clients express their own style and create beautiful spaces that bring them joy!

In Moria’s masterclass, she will help you “Express yourself & roar” by giving you the confidence to decorate with things that bring you joy, reflect who you are and fit your lifestyle. 

This masterclass will introduce you to the design and styling process so that you can start working towards creating functional spaces that bring you joy.  Do you have a favourite colour, a piece of furniture that has been handed down, a piece of artwork or souvenirs and other objects hidden away rather than out where you can enjoy them? Let’s start planning how to use these beautiful pieces.

Expert 2: Tonja Wright

Increase your productivity & wellbeing in your home office

Environmental scientist turned interior designer, Tonja Wright runs Design to Transform, an interior design business that uses the latest research can create thriving green, inclusive and cruelty-free home offices. Tonja will help you to increase your work from home productivity and wellbeing, so you can maximise your impact. 

Tonja’s masterclass will help you increase your productivity and wellbeing while working from home.

Working from home isn’t just for the pandemic, it’s here to stay. Using the latest research, evidence-based design can help you shape a productive and healthy workplace at home. We will dive into physical factors, the benefits of plants, and creating structure, as well as ways to stay connected. Learn new techniques to apply to your home and watch your productivity and wellbeing grow!

Clear Clutter Find Time course overview

Week by week breakdown

Over eight weeks we will dive into…

Week 1 – Setting yourself up for success 

  • Understanding your why 
  • We’ll map out your week 
  • Set yourself and your week up for success
  • How to set up your morning, afternoon and evening routines

Week 2 – How to declutter 

  • How do you declutter?

  • How do you make decluttering a habit?

  • The “Stop, Focus, Notice” strategy

  • Cleaning routines 

  • How to set your home up for your family, not your visitors

  • Strategies for decluttering different areas of your home

Week 3 – Decluttering the kitchen 

  • Step by step guide for how to declutter your kitchen
  • Guides to understand what should stay and go in YOUR kitchen
  • How to set up your kitchen so you can cook with ease
  • Tips for reducing your food budget
  • Meal planning and recipe suggestions 
  • Fridge, freezer and pantry set up suggestions

    Week 4 – Bedrooms & clothes

    • How to set up your master bedroom as a sanctuary 
    • How to set up children’s bedrooms to avoid clutter collection
    • Maximising your outfit selections by minimising your clothes 
    • How to set up a laundry/clothes washing system that works for your family
    • Tips to stop the “floor-robe” (all your clothes being on the floor instead of in the wardrobe) or pile of clothes living on a chair

    Week 5 – Storage solutions

    Hints, tips and how-to guides for some of those miscellaneous storage spaces and things like the:

      • Linen cupboard (including how to fold fitted sheets)
      • Junk drawers
      • Spare rooms
      • Junk rooms
      • Garage 
      • Sentimental items

    Week 6 – Gift giving and kids’ stuff

    This week is split into two. Even if you don’t have children, you will still gain valuable insight from our gift giving section. Feel free to skip the second section of videos on kids’ stuff if it isn’t relevant to your life BUT if you are a grandparent, I highly encourage you to watch these video as well-meaning Grandparents can be a cause of a lot of toy and clothes clutter.

    Gift Giving

    • Understanding your love language and the love language of others around you 
    • How to give meaningful gifts that don’t add unnecessary clutter to homes
    • Experience gift ideas for different ages
    • Low clutter birthday party ideas

    Kids’ Stuff

    • How to set up a toy space (either within a shared lounge room, bedroom or separate toy room)
    • Toy rotation strategies 
    • Key toys to have in your home 
    • Strategies for managing new toys coming into your home
    • Tips to say no to more stuff

    Week 7 – Office & paperwork

    • Determining where your home office space is (even if you don’t have a separate office room)
    • What to have in your office
    • Strategies for handling paper clutter entering your home 
    • How to reduce digital clutter 
    • How to run a zero inbox
    • How to declutter and organise your hard copy and digital photographs
    • Schoolbag/work bag storage solutions
    • What a home launchpad is and how it saves you time

    Week 8 -What to do with your newfound time

    • How to build time into your week for the things that light you up
    • What is family fun time
    • What could couple time look like for you?

      Are you ready to clear the clutter, make space and find time to collect memories with your loved ones?

      Course overview


      TBA – Join the waitlist to be notified!

      Course duration

      8 weeks

      Course price

      One payment of $297 or three monthly payments of $110

      Designed for

      Women of all ages and stages of life who want to strip back the physical and emotional ‘stuff’ in their lives and learn the tips and tools to live an intentional life where there is more space in their homes, phones, calendars and minds. 


      From your home via videos in our membership site, live masterclass Zoom video calls (which will be recorded if you can’t join us live) and in our private Facebook group

      What’s Included


      Short videos to view at your leisure


      Weekly emails to help you stay on track


      Online membership site where you can find all the information in one place


      Downloadable worksheets to support you in implementing the learnings from each module


      Live question and answer session via Zoom with me (which will be recorded for those that can not join us live)


      Two expert masterclasses with interior designers via Zoom (which will be recorded for those that can not join us live)


      Access to our interactive private Facebook group


      Interactive accountability challenges in the private Facebook group to keep you on track


      The opportunity to ask me questions throughout the course in the private Facebook group

      Are you ready to find more time by clearing the clutter?

      Let’s get decluttering so you can make space in your home and find time in your calendar to collect more precious moments!


      Kind words

      “Bridget’s friendly & supportive guidance has been invaluable in helping me set timeframes & structures to get the tasks done”.

      “Bridget’s passion for coaching & helping others declutter their life shines through. You will be amazed at what you can achieve when you free yourself of all the chitter-chatter clutter”.

      “I walked through my house & it’s the first time I have felt a sense of calm. Thank you Bridget”

      “Bridget had many great space saving ideas & despite having a small kitchen, I now actually have storage & bench space”!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Who is running this course?

      That would be me, Bridget. Why learn from me? Well, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to read my journey here. I was a sleep-deprived mum, a perfectionist – paralysed by the tasks that look too big to complete “so why bother starting them?” I burnt the candle at both ends trying to be the best mother and career woman I could be but I was floundering at both.  

      That was almost seven years ago and I can honestly say doing the things I will explain in this course has made me a more fulfilled and happier person. When I started making the consistent and small steps to put myself first, other areas of my life became simpler, I became calmer and our family life became oh so much better!

      What is the time commitment to complete the course?

      I get it. You are already busy with so many things to do. The aim of this course is to give you space and permission to get off the hamster wheel that is life and stop, focus and notice a new way of living your life. You will get a short video and how-to strategies to try which should take less than 1% of your day (14.4 minutes) to complete. I will give extra challenges in the Facebook group but these are optional.

      Is the course run live?

      No, as soon as the course starts you will have access to all of the content. If you want to charge ahead do so. For the people that want to go slow and steady, I will be sending a weekly email with a link to view the week by week content to keep you on track. 

      We will have two live masterclass sessions with two interior designers and I will also offer two live question and answer Zoom calls to keep you motivated and we will run through decluttering scenarios from people in the group. If you can’t attend any of these sessions live, they will be recorded and you can watch them in your own time.

      I don’t use Facebook, can I still benefit from your online course?

      Yes. The main element of the course is through our membership site and sent out via email. While you can do the course without Facebook, I HIGHLY recommend joining the private group as this will be the way to ask me additional questions (outside of the live Q&A session) throughout the course.

      I will be encouraging everyone (if they are comfortable) to share pictures of their spaces so I can offer suggestions on how to make the space feel cosy and functional. I’ll be encouraging everyone to learn from everyone else too.

      Am I worth it?

      YES, you are worth it! I know it can seem hard to invest in yourself when there are so many other things pulling on your budget, but you came to this page for a reason. You WANT to make a change and you want support to get there.

      The hardest step is to say “I’m worth it”. Are you worth $5.30 a day? That’s what it works out per day to have access to this course and me as your decluttering cheerleader and coach.

      Can I do it with a friend?

      Yes definitely, It’s always more fun involving friends! It’s also great to chat through ideas and your progress in person with a friend to help keep you accountable so please encourage your friends to sign up too! Maybe you could work as a team to tackle the kids’ toy room together in each other’s homes?

      How long will I be able to access the resources of the program?

      You will have unlimited access to me (Bridget) via questions in the Facebook group for eight weeks until Tuesday 17th August 2021. You will also have access to the membership site, videos and templates until 6th September 2021.

      Do you have another question?

      If you have any extra questions, I’m just an email away so send your questions through to me at

      Secure your spot in Clear Clutter Find Time now

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