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Experience gift ideas that won’t add clutter to your home

Are you part of the Be Simply Free FREE 6 day declutter challenge? If not, head to our free “Be Simply Free Community” private Facebook group and under the guides add you will find all the details.
Day two of the challenge was toys and gifts.
Below I have summarised some examples of handmade and paid experience gifts you may like to consider this Christmas or birthdays.

Our handmade experience gift vouchers included these 20 experiences:

  1. Visit the spider web swing playground
  2. Visit Glenelg playground
  3. Visit Jervois Street playground
  4. Visit the South Australian Museum
  5. Visit the South Australia Art Gallery
  6. Visit the Adelaide Zoo
  7. Visit Inflatable World
  8. Visit Carrick Hill Story Book Trail
  9. Visit the skate park with scooters and bikes
  10. Visit the Mary Ann Sims historical boat in Wallaroo and feed the fish (now closed)
  11. Ride the tram
  12. Ride the O-Bahn
  13. Fish and chips of the beach
  14. Lunch at a shopping centre
  15. Milkshake
  16. Picnic in a park
  17. Swim at Marion outdoor pool
  18. Swim at Marion indoor pool 
  19. Feed of crabs

How to make your own

You don’t have to find 20 things for your list. Maybe you choose one, maybe you pick out 5. You choose, it’s your personalised gift. If you would like to get a bit fancy I recommend using the free version of Canva ( to design your vouchers.
I encourage you to stop, focus and notice what your child likes to do.
  • Where is their favourite playground?
  • Where do they like to ride their bike, scooter or skateboard?
  • What do they like to eat?
  • Where do they like to eat?
  • What activities do they like to do?

Other paid experience ideas

Google is your best friend for finding experience near where you live. Here are some other examples that adults and kids might enjoy.

Experience Gifts from the SA Woman Community

I asked the wonderful SA Woman community and here are a few gift options that won’t add clutter into your home:

It’s the simple things that matter the most

Before you go looking for presents costing hundreds of dollars I want to share my daughter’s favourite experiences. She loves riding the tram and having lunch at a shopping centre food court. It really is the simplest things that bring the most joy!

Your most precious gift is your time. Why don’t you consider giving your child an experience gift voucher where you can experience the activity together and collect moments, not things.


Workshop opportunity

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